Transformative Leadership Sets Financial Services Enterprise PMO on Fast Track to Strategic Value

For this privately held financial services company, a compelling journey of business transformation started with a good read.

Pharmaceutical Company’s Internal PM Certification Program Brings More Predictable Project Outcomes

An internal PM certification program was rapidly developed and implemented. During the first three years, over 400 participants attended more than 30 courses. Team members, project managers, and sponsors gained a good understanding of project management and the techniques needed to achieve more consistent project delivery. The program’s ability to remain intact after an acquisition validated the program’s value to the larger company globally.

Solar Powerhouse SunEdison Poises for Growth by Training in Project Management

Over the course of a year, training programs led to increased PM knowledge, $2 million in project management program savings, and improved program management skills to bring a number of major initiatives on line successfully.

Project Management Training & Competency Development Doubles the Success Rate of New Initiatives

A customized project management training program improved milestone achievement tenfold in just 30 months. A value of training measurement program showed that raising the competency level of a program manager made it twice as likely that an initiative will meet all targets.

Customizing Project Management Training Drives Process Adoption and Shows Positive Impacts on Quality and Productivity

PM College developed and delivered a customized Project Management Training Program (6 courses) aligned with company processes. Course participants have demonstrated a 31% increase in their knowledge of project management tools and processes, even better than expected.

Project Management Maturity Practices Yield Improved Operational Ef´Čüciencies

For a multi-billion dollar strategy and technology consulting firm: VSI Technologies performed a project management maturity assessment, delivered an implementation plan to improve maturity, provided portfolio management consulting and project management training, and performed a re-assessment to gauge improvement over a three-year period. Value Delivered: Overall process maturity improved by 40%.

Mentoring Brings an Enhanced Focus on Accountability to Merchants Insurance Group

VSI Technologies led a targeted mentoring program for the client's project leads to provide one-on-one advice and coaching on how to apply consistent project management practices within the confines of their actual projects. Value Delivered: Improved on-time project delivery to 80% resulting in one program booking $100,000 of business in the first three days, and another program realizing 758% revenue growth in the first two months of introduction.