Fast-Track PMO Implementation Rescues Troubled Projects and Improves Customer Satisfaction

For one of the largest privately-held staffing companies in the United States: VSI Technologies implemented a fully-functional PMO including Project Portfolio Management tools after an unsuccessful first attempt at implementing a PMO on behalf of the Company. Value Delivered: The resulting visibility into projects allowed the client to recover 100% of the troubled projects in a portfolio valued at approximately $13M, while significantly improving project manager morale as well as project performance and customer satisfaction.

Project Management Maturity Practices Yield Improved Operational Ef´Čüciencies

For a multi-billion dollar strategy and technology consulting firm: VSI Technologies performed a project management maturity assessment, delivered an implementation plan to improve maturity, provided portfolio management consulting and project management training, and performed a re-assessment to gauge improvement over a three-year period. Value Delivered: Overall process maturity improved by 40%.