VSI Technologies software development team has been at the forefront of providing total integrated solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs. We provide software consultancy, system design, application software, implementation and supervision.

VSI Technologies is one of a kind in its nature and structure, delivering to every single customer total satisfaction, acting as a one-stop professional division.

With a dedicated team of system programmers and certified engineers with unparallel skills, VSI Technologies has the ability to design and implement complicated turnkey projects including system configuration, software localization, and high technology product development and applications.

Development Team


VSI Technologieshas a full complement of business analysts that leverage formal design standards like UML and TOGAF in order to clearly document the requirements in a standard graphical representation. This includes the data requirements, the business process flow, and story boarding the application to ensure as little ambiguity as possible. Additional capabilities include business process modelling and process workflow and automation.


VSI Technologies has extensive experience translating functional design specifications (FDS) and UML model’s (including detailed domain models) into technical design specifications (TDS) that make expert use of technology to best implement the solution to the business problem. The company’s architects are experts in the implementation of service oriented architecture, objected oriented designs and ensure the correct use of enterprise architecture design patterns.


We have highly skilled application development resources, focused on emerging technologies such as the Microsoft .NET framework, and Java technologies. Our expertise lies in implementing the correct technology solution to the problem this includes leveraging Windows based operating systems, Open Source operating Systems, Web technologies, and the mobile environment.


We believe in empowering communities through skills development and have focussed internship programs through which recent graduates are employed and provided with expensive technology training, and on the job experience.


VSI Technologies understands that most clients looking for an outsourced software development model have some form of internal capability. The Center of Excellence has therefore customized our model to provide either specific portions of the software development life-cycle (SDLC) or the entire spectrum.

VSI Technologies ensures that all development projects are undertaken within the framework of our “Software Development Lifecycle” (SDLC).



The purpose of the requirements management phase is to establish a common understanding of how requirements will be gathered and addressed throughout the project lifecycle. The goal is to ensure that requirements are controlled to establish a baseline for development and to ensure that plans, work products, and activities are consistent with the specified requirements. The plan also communicates essential information to project participants.


Test planning is an activity that is conducted before any testing project can be embarked upon, and incorporates the four fundamental components of a testing life cycle, i.e. planning, test specification, test execution and test recording. A test strategy is a formal description of how the system will be tested and will be developed for all levels of testing, as required.

Design Phase
The primary objective of the design phase is to create a design that satisfies the agreed application requirements. In the design phase the SDLC process continues to move from the “what” questions of the analysis phase to the “how” questions. In other words, this phase is all about taking a logical design to a physical design which will be the input into the next phase which is the build phase. VSI Technologiesfocus on UML modelling for domain driven design and class diagrams to facilitate code generation and wireframing.


The build phase of the project is where the product is developed and quality assured before it gets deployed to the customers infrastructure/environment. The first step of this phase is to evaluate and ensure the design deliverables are understood and adhere to the standards laid out in the coding standards document.


No solution is completely tested until it has been installed in the environment with the participation of the end-users. This phase ensures that the solution is free of bugs and is stable enough to deploy into production. At this time, the solution is tested in a development environment, bugs are tracked and resolved and user acceptance testing is completed.


During this phase the application will be deployed into each of the following required environments:

  • VSI Technologies Internal Staging Environment
  • Customer Staging Environment

A complete installation document will be generated to ensure that the required activities are completed when deploying the application.

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