Manufacturing & Construction

Manufacturers and Construction companies are often concerned with the overall process of their business that is required to be cost and time efficient, deliver high quality output, and provide extreme consistency. VSI Technologies has contributed positively in process reengineering for a number of manufacturing and construction giants on the regional level.

From implementing Enterprise Resource Planning to Customer Relationship Management passing through Enterprise Project Management and Business Process Automation, VSI Technologies is able to make sure that manufacturers and builders move from one process maturity level to the next. As a result, manufacturing and construction life cycles are decreased, cycle costs are reduced, and operational costs are condensed.


After implementing processes standardized across all the organization, close measurement and monitoring of is required to have a continuously self-improving environment. Logging lessons learned, sharing experience, and of course locating this information is crucial. Through a Corporate Information Portal acting as a single entry point to a multitude of information sources, business data, and enterprise applications, we can make sure that you find what you are looking for exactly when you need it.