The educational sector is quite a competitive environment not to mention complex in many different aspects. One of the key components of having an effective learning experience is to leverage the capabilities of information technology which is not a straightforward approach keeping in mind that today’s students are relatively IT literate.


VSI Technologies offers the creation of highly interactive and learning portals built using the VSI’s Framework for Education. Our clients have benefited from a highly effective learning environment leverage the capabilities of latest in portal technology. Learning institutions are becoming day after more inclined towards changing their environments from individual centered to group centered, isolation to collaboration, from factual learning to critical thinking. Student needs are now more about achieving personalized learning. Educators need more efficient class management. Parents require progress reviews, teacher interaction, and communication. Administrations require the assessment of the institutional performance as a whole, planning and budgeting, enhanced productivity, compliance with standards, and more. All these requirements should be based on collaboration, planning, and anywhere anytime access.