VSI Technologies is proud to have worked with the regional leaders in the Airline industry. Because of our deep technology experience in a wide array of information worker and business solutions, VSI Technologies is referred to time and again by a number of enterprises in this field.

As with all our clients we aim to understand the particular business of the industry and then drill down to that of the client. We have found that in order to succeed in the Airline industry, organizations need to offer internal and external-facing services under one consolidated umbrella providing a holistic and effective management of the business.

We have executed successful projects in this industry that maximized the value out of technology investments and we are always in the process of envisioning a number of solutions for our prospects.


We have designed for our clients solutions that address the needs of online booking, availability searches, personal trip information, up-to-date timetables, baggage claim processes, and marketing promotions. These services were made available to travelers from a single access point that required only connection to the Internet.

On a strictly internal level, the framework allows building collaborative web-enabled solutions. This leverages the experience the group for the benefit of the individual. Pilots, managers and administrators are provided with user-trimmed and role-based information such as bulletin boards, flight application manuals, access to simulators, integration with flight operations applications, ground based activities, shared calendaring, and much more. Full automation of internal requests can also be provided for HR processes and other administrative workflows not to mention requests for access to the simulator network.