Data Centers

Despite the emergence of cloud computing, data centers still represent the foundation of a company’s mission critical technology. VSI Technologies's helps our clients maximize the value of their critical infrastructure portfolios through discovery, strategy, and the remediation and relocation of mission critical assets​.

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Fit for Purpose Assessment​

We help clients assess data center assets by combining site surveys with our methodology for data center assessment that can support objective evaluation against a broad range of client objectives.

Peer Review & Benchmark

We help you assess your critical infrastructure portfolio against your industry peers and against data center industry benchmarks, providing you with gap analysis and remediation alternatives.

Outage Diagnostics

We help you determine why you experienced an outage in a mission critical asset and help you rapidly remediate risks and outage causes in the most expedient way possible.

M&A Due Diligence

We help you establish a market valuation for your data center assets and help you explore transactions that can increase the financial efficiency of large investment technology assets.

Compliance Audits

We help you ensure that your mission critical estate complies with regulatory requirements, allowing you to meet your certification and compliance obligations with regulatory authorities.

Special Purpose Surveys/Assessments

We can design special purpose survey programs to meet objectives that are unique to your business, industry, or technology strategy.


Data Center Strategy

We help you identify your enterprise target state data center strategy, incorporating other core technology strategies (for example, cloud and hosting, Digital Workplace), and we help you determine your unique best path from current state to future state. You receive an integrated roadmap for maximizing the business value of your critical infrastructure portfolio. Our approach incorporates any/all of the following and can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Business Objectives & Paths to Value Capture
  • Critical Infrastructure Requirements Analysis
  • Cloud & Hosting Strategy
  • Digital Workplace Strategy
  • Technology Operating Models
  • Data Center Marketplace Assessment
  • Alternatives for location selection

Site Selection

We help you select and contract with new data center facilities. We use a standardized scoring methodology that is tailored to your specific needs to create a shortlist of providers, then we help you contract with your provider of choice to ensure that your company achieves best possible value for your next data center location.


Critical Infrastructure Remediation

We help you cost-effectively and time-efficiently close remediation gaps in your critical infrastructure. Critical Infrastructure Remediation programs can often be incorporated into Data Center Migrations or Cloud Adoptions to minimize overlapping or low value activities.


Data Center Migration

Data Center Migration can be a complex and potentially risky process. Whether you are moving from one data center to another, transitioning to a hybrid environment or taking applications to the Cloud. We have the experience and processes to ensure that your migration is a success.