Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is a process-rich environment that involves a large number of stages. Exploration and development, production, shipment, refinement, storage and pipelining, distribution and marketing are all processes that need to be closely controlled and managed. Significant challenges are facing the oil and gas industry such as extreme pressure to meet the global energy demand and to maximize scarce resources. To address these pressures from a technology perspective, an end-to-end enterprise platform must exist that is fully capable of flexible development, integration, security,workflow, performance, and management..


VSI Technologies support major oil & gas companies in aligning the business objectives with the IT strategy and thus producing a large number of benefits. Our solutions aid in the acceleration of production time, predictive management of critical safety issues, reduction of “Time to first oil” thanks to on-time on-budget project management, effective decision making in drilling and production operations, faster and better informed response cycles to events and much more.