Governmental entities are constantly looking for new ways to serve their citizens in the most effective possible ways. To do so, on an internal level, highly efficient environments should exist in terms of processing application, project management and execution, performance management and operational evaluation, and more. If we were to consider the government as one entity and the rest of the components of society as another, the ideal interaction method would be to have a gateway of communication that is fully automated and to a large extent self-maintaining. For this purpose, and at the top of all government solutions provided, VSI Technologies has developed an e-government portal framework based on the highest industry standards of usability, flexibility, and scalability.


Implementing an e-government portal with the above entities in mind would provide a multitude of benefits. For government, more efficiency would be provided in addition to better services, less errors, less storage space, revenue generation, job placement, cost reduction, time reduction, reduction of transportation, etc… From the citizen’s perspective the benefits would be less delay time, one-stop-shop, central data, less errors in forms filled, instant alerts and notifications, reduction of onsite visits, multiple access channels, ICT awareness, and more. The business and investment community would benefit from easy registration, business opportunities and matching, e-procurement, secure timely payments, and streamlined and faster operations. Government employees would benefit from high information availability, faster communication, knowledge sharing, efficient HR services, e-banking, and more. International organizations would have access to accurate sector statistics, transparent and accountable processes, and better management of fiscal issues. Finally, educational institutions would make use of training and continuing education sessions, research investment, and job opportunities.